Callan Marine’s strength lies in its experienced personnel  and its diversity of marine services that are adaptable to a changing market.


  • New Work Dredging / New Barge and Aggregate Docks - Private Client - Freeport Texas
  • New Barge Mooring Facility - Private Client - Victoria, Texas
  • Ship and Barge Dock Deepening - Houston, Texas

Maintenance Dredging

  • Bolivar Ferry Landing Maintenance Dredging -  Texas Department of Transportation - Bolivar, Texas
  • Ship Dock Maintenance Dredging - Port of Galveston - Galveston, Texas
  • Ship and Barge Dock Maintenance Dredging - Port of Texas City - Texas City, Texas
  • Entrance Channel and Ship Dock Dredging - Private Client - Beaumont, Texas

Specialty Dredging

  • Access Canal Dredging for Modular / Equipment Delivery - Private Client, Houston, Texas

Environmental Solutions

  • Construction and Placement of Artificial Reef/Structures at Nearshore Reef -Texas Parks and Wildlife - Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Marine Debris Removal Services at the Balinese Room - Texas General Land Office - Galveston, Texas

Construction Management Services

  • Marine Terminal Management Program (12 facilities) - Private Client - East Coast, USA
  • New Ship Dock Construction Management - Private Client - Galveston, Texas

Marine Construction Services

  • Ship Dock Repairs - Private Client - Cameron, Louisiana
  • Monopile Installation - Private Client - Beaumont, Texas

Civil Construction Services

  • Disposal Area Levee Rehabilitation - Port of Texas City - Texas City, Texas
  • Disposal Area Levee Enlargement - Private Client - Sulphur, Louisiana