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Dredging Roundtable - U.S. Dredgers Weigh in on Infrastructure,
U.S. Capabilities and the road ahead.

Domestic dredging firms face many challenges in the
coming months and years. At the same time, opportunities
abound in a market and political climate that
seems to beg for infrastructure upgrades, especially when it
comes to harbors and inland waterways. Weighing in this edition
on all of that – and more – are three U.S.-based dredging
firms; Callan Marine, Cashman Dredging, and Weeks Marine.

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Great Lakes Announces Receipt of $70 Million San Jacinto Award

OAK BROOK, Ill., July 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation ("Great Lakes") (GLDD), the largest provider of dredging services in the United States and a major provider of environmental and infrastructure services announced today the receipt of a $69.8 million award on the San Jacinto River in Houston, Texas. 

This unique and challenging project is the first major Houston-area flood-control project after Hurricane Harvey and will restore a 2 mile-long stretch of the San Jacinto River to its pre-Harvey state. After the storm passed and flooding subsided, a sandbar remained blocking an important drainage route. The State of Texas requested emergency assistance from FEMA which then chose to use the expertise of the United States Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District to manage the project. This project is one step in the local, state and federal governments’ efforts to reduce the risk of flooding in this community.

With a long history of working in Texas, Great Lakes is proud to be chosen to execute this project. Great Lakes’ Rivers and Lakes division will work with the Galveston District to dredge approximately 1.8 million cubic yards of material and has already begun mobilizing for this high priority project which will feature multiple portable dredges and booster pumps as well as 10 miles of slurry pipelines. Great Lakes will partner with Callan Marine of Galveston which will provide one of the dredges for the project.

David Simonelli, President Dredging commented, “We are excited to work with the Galveston District and Callan Marine on this important project to improve the San Jacinto River capacity after the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey and the corresponding flooding. This project is ideally suited for our Rivers and Lakes division and will keep our equipment busy into the second quarter of 2019. In addition to the recent awards announced last week, this project helps us to maintain our position as the nation’s leading dredging contractor.”


DCA's Doyle: President Trump Supports Strong Infrastructure Projects

In an address to Western Dredging Association (WEDA) stakeholders, William P. Doyle, CEO & Executive Director Dredging Contractors of America told his audience: It all starts with dredging.

We all know the importance of public-private partnerships.  We in the private sector dredging industry are doing our best to make America Great.  The U.S.-flagged dredging fleet totals more than 400 dredges. In 2017, the U.S.-flagged hopper dredging fleet capacity increased by 34% with the addition of two large new-build vessels built in U.S shipyards by U.S. workers. In fact, the U.S. dredging industry is amid a $1 billion-plus capital construction program. New investments include four large cutter suction dredges, two large hopper dredges and approximately 50 barges built in shipyards across the U.S. including Eastern Shipbuilding, C&C Marine Shipyard, Corn Island Shipyard, Conrad Shipyard and Halimar Shipyard.

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Post-Harvey dredging work nears completion at Houston Ship Channel

Callan Marine is proud to assist in returning the Houston Ship Channel to full depth in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Read more in this article from the The Houston Chronicle.

"The Houston Ship Channel, still feeling minor effects from mud washed into the waterway during Hurricane Harvey, should be back to its full depth in a month or two.



Callan Marine Acquires CF Bean LLC

Callan Marine Ltd announced the purchase of the assets of CF Bean LLC and the acquisition of Bean Coastal LLC in January. Joining Callan Marine are Jim Bean, James Bean, and Ancil Taylor, along with a host of key staff. Their vast years of experience from Bean will be instrumental in propelling Callan Marine into the future.

As part of the acquisition, Callan Marine added a 16” unloader, a 180’ barge, a 850 hp pump, and survey vessels with multibeam survey capability, along with other associated equipment to their fleet.

“We believe that our market will continue to be strong. and this commitment will add efficiencies to our operations through the application of years of innovative technology acquired from Bean. We will also be adding several keypieces of equipment to complement our operations”, said Maxie McGuire, president of Callan Marine.