The Callan Marine team offers comprehensive dredging solutions for any project. From dredging for waterways and ship docks, to major construction and expansion projects, Callan Marine has the answer for you.

Callan Marine, LTD. is a Texas-based, family-owned dredging business founded in 2009. Callan Marine performs dredging projects for both private and public clients by providing services to restore berthing depths for ship docks, navigation channels, or otherwise facilitate transportation in our nation’s waterways.

Callan Marine’s mission is to provide top tier dredging services through quality performance, competitive pricing, safe work, and professional relationships. Through the construction of the General MacArthur, Callan Marine will enter into the large dredging market as a high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost producer of dredging services in the major waterway, beach  reclamation, and wetland restoration markets.

With the recent acquisition of Bean Coastal, Callan Marine has retained a management team of nationally recognized, respected professionals and experts in their various fields within the dredging industry with more than 200 years of combined large dredging experience. This team has been designing and creating industry-leading competitor vessels for  more than 40 years, with many of these vessels still in operation today across the globe. Now combined with Callan Marine, the team has developed another new entry into the dredging industry that will establish new standards for efficiency and effectiveness.

Callan Marine Executive Team


Maxie J. McGuire, Jr.


Ancil Taylor
Executive Vice President

Jorge J. Martinez, C.P.A.

General MacArthur Design-Build Team


James W. Bean
Engineering Manager


James W. Bean, Jr.
Construction Manager



Associates & Staff

Kevin Pearse
Manager / Inland Dredging Division

Todd Knight
Technical Manager

Sarah Dearing
Estimating Manager


Stanley S. Hamidjaja
Manager Electrical
Engineering / Automation

Justin McCormick
Equipment Manager


Renee Hayes

Office Manager


Open Positions

Callan Marine, Ltd., a Texas-based civil and marine contractor, offers highly rewarding career opportunities in coastal and marine construction and environmental protection. As an independently owned and operated company, Callan Marine seeks out highly qualified candidates to become part of a cohesive team that works together on projects of deep significance to our region and our customers. Callan Marine is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a workforce that is proud to uphold our standards and reputation for quality.

Callan Marine provides our full time employees with a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Training and career development
  • Cooperative team environment
  • Priority on safety for all employees

Thank you for your interest in Callan Marine for your career choice. We are seeking resumes and applications for the following:

Heavy Equipment Operators

Watch Engineers



Project Managers

Construction Superintendents

Field Engineers


Crane Operators